About Me

I’ve had a blog on and off for a while now, but it is written primarily for close friends and family. This blog represents the first time I’m writing with the idea that people I don’t know might be reading. Check out my first post for more of why I’m writing this.

At home:
I spend a bunch of time around my house (an 1896 Victorian in San Francisco) doing home improvement projects, enjoying San Francisco weather on the deck or sitting on my couch watching whatever we’ve recorded on our ReplayTV. When not at home, I love to travel and we’ve had some great trips over the years.

At work:
Throughout my life I’ve managed to turn my hobbies into my career; first I was a news junkie and became a TV News producer (NBC, Good Morning America and Lifetime) and then I turned my passion for the Internet into this chapter of my career.

Most recently, I founded and became Chief Executive of GayCities, the travel community for GLBT travelers. It’s yet another way I’ve turned my passion into a part of my career.

Before GayCities, I was with Yahoo from 1998-2008. There I integrated the GeoCities technology and users into the Yahoo! platform after that acquisition, and went on to become the General Manager of Yahoo’s search business. In that role I moved Yahoo Search from a directory-based model to web search and led the team that negotiated and launched the relationship with Overture, Inktomi and Google. More recently, I headed Yahoo’s personalization efforts, including the popular My Yahoo! service where I led the effort to bring RSS to a mainstream audience. During my last year or so at Yahoo!, I led a product incubation team in Yahoo’s Brickhouse and was responsible for such products as Mixd (a mobile social network), Kickstart (a career network for college kids) and Y! Live, a live video streaming product.

Immediately prior to joining Yahoo!, I served as an independent consultant building solutions for clients interested in using the Internet to increase productivity and strengthen customer and employee relationships.

My early career was diverse, ranging from television production at the Lifetime channel and NBC to product development and management for major information providers. In the early 90’s, I spent two years at Reuters where he managed a team that developed and marketed educational and online news products for the healthcare industry.